ROGERSVILLE — A warrant was issued last week for the arrest of a Rogersville man after an alleged domestic assault involving his ex-girlfriend.

Hawkins Co. Sheriff’s Deputy Jesse Williams was dispatched shortly before 11 p.m. on May 31, 2019, to an address on Lawson Road, in Rogersville, in reference to a possible domestic assault.

Upon arrival, Williams spoke to a woman who said that her ex-boyfriend, Randy James Wilson, 42, came to her residence. The woman said she “went into the woods to hide from him and waited for him to leave”, according to the report.

When the woman started down the driveway, Wilson allegedly “chased her and hit her in the face and pushed her to the ground in the roadway,” Williams wrote in the report.

The victim told the deputy that Wilson then “grabbed her around the bottom jaw and told her that he was going to f- — her. (The victim) said that Randy grabbed her pocketbook and ripped it from her hands. The strap from the pocketbook was laying in the roadway prior to my arrival along with other personal items from her pocketbook”.

The woman said that her cell phone was still in the purse.

“Randy had left prior to our arrival pulling a trailer with a four-wheeler on the trailer,” the report continued.

The deputy noted that he observed scratches on the victim’s right arm and on the left side of her neck.

Williams noted that, in his mind, enough evidence existed to charge James Wilson with Domestic Assault and Theft of Property.