ROGERSVILLE — The Hawkins Co. Humane Society is experincing a springtime explosion of dogs and cats coming into the shelter.

“We are at full capacity and to help our beloved fur babies we are having an adoption special this thru Saturday, June 1,” a spokesperson said. “All dogs (not puppies) are $40 and all cats are $30. The quality of animals is especially good now. Six of our dogs with lonely hearts that have been at our shelter longer than 3-4 months are featured here.”

GOOSE — English Setter and Border Collie, male, fixed, 4-5 years old. Strikingly beautiful. Goose is playful, affectionate, smart with medium activity. A very sweet, alert and intelligent dog that can be trained. Previous owners sponsored and fixed Goose and were heartbroken when they had to give him to our shelter. Should be only pet in family. Goose loves to play and would enjoy a larger yard. Not recommended for children under 5. Six months at our shelter. FULLY SPONSORED.

SARGE — German Shepherd mix, 5 years old, fixed. Sarge is a very sweet and special dog. Sarge has many of the great traits of a German Shepherd with intelligence, loyalty but yet comes with low to medium activity and not the anxiety issues seen in many German Shepherds. Sarge really is great and is a shelter favorite. Whereas many of our dogs show more anxiety, Sarge seems to be improving, showing affection, loves to play and to be around people. The more you are around him, the more you love him. Six months at shelter. FULLY SPONSORED

BANDIT — Pit and Bull Dog mix, 1-2 years, fixed. Bandit is super sweet and really loves people. He is a good package of love, intelligence, moderate activity, playfulness, and loyalty. He loves to play fetch! A super dog that should make a great family dog. Should be the only dog in household. Four-five months at shelter. FULLY SPONSORED.

BOB — Shepherd Mix, 4-5 years, fixed. Bob is a really nice, playful and loving dog. He is inquisitive and very smart. He gets along with most other dogs and loves people. He is the proto-typical best friend and all-around family dog. Unfortunately, he has the loneliest heart being the longest held dog at out shelter at seven months. SPONSORED.

ROCKY — Plott Hound mix, 2-3 years, male. Rocky is strikingly beautiful with a leopard skin-type coat. He loves walks and to play. He is a higher energy dog so would be best without children. Rocky should be the only dog in the house. Four-5 months at shelter. SPONSORED.

RUDOLPH — Lab mix, 1-2 years, fixed. Rudolph is a nice black Lab mix with kind friendly eyes expressing character, intelligence and loves to play. He has medium activity so should have a nice yard. He really loves people and filled with personality. Six months at shelter. SPONSORED.

For more information or to meet these lovable fur babies in person, go by the shelter located on US11W north of Rogersville.