Dear Readers … Howdy, and welcome to the Bookend!

I apologize for not having part two of this series written on time. I went to Chattanooga for two weeks to be with my family and I couldn’t get the internet to work on my laptop. To sum it up … I am not always, (well, hardly ever), technically savvy. Anywhoo … I am back home in my beloved East Tennessee and am sitting at my favorite coffee shop the Creamy Cup. I am outdoors perched up on an orange and black chair, the official Tusculum colors. And this crisp autumn day I would like to give you an idea for a day trip.

Creamy Cup is the official coffee shop for Tusculum University. This is a great way to start a day trip in Greene County. The little shop stays buzzing with all sorts of traffic buying delicious lattes, smoothies, and baked goods, just to mention a few. It is directly across from the university in the quaint serene town of Tusculum.

Tusculum University grounds are so lovely, they are loveliness itself. Two hundred and fifty-year-old maple and oak trees are everywhere. Right now, with the changing leaves it is a sight to behold. My mother, who passed so long ago, went to school here and lived in Virginia Hall. I love to walk around the grounds and picture her in her darling fifties dresses. In feel connected to her.

This university is the oldest university in the state of Tennessee. Exploring the buildings is a treat and cultural experience also. The minister Samuel Doak formed the university. There is an archive museum on the property called the Andrew Johnson Museum where a degreed archivist is always on hand and happy to answer any questions, (believe me, I am the question girl ... I am speaking from experience! Ha!). There are exhibits from President Andrew Johnson’s personal home right here in Greeneville. The presidential library is also housed in this building. This building played an interesting role during the Civil War, too.

There is a gift shop on campus, and better yet and every bit as important to me as the archive museum-Chick-fil-A. Hey, show me a southern girl that doesn’t like Chick-fil-A!

If ya’ll decide to come to town to explore, make time to go to the Andrew Johnson nation park in downtown Greeneville to take the free “Walk with the president tour,” which also includes a tour of his estate.

Ya’ll, I am not a historian, but what facts I know historically would be better off for you to personally explore. I wouldn’t want to ruin the mystery of the day. You can look all of this up online, but to adventure it firsthand makes it all come alive. That and the caffeine drink. Ha.

Soon I will explore Hancock County for the first time. I am so excited! Tommy Campbell, the editor of the Hancock County Eagle just loves the warmth of the people there, so I am anxious to go. If any of my Hancock County readers have anything that they recommend that I see, please email me at

Do y’all have a Dairy Dream up there? I like ice cream when I travel! Until next time, have a beautiful Autumn week, and a literary week.