Dear Editor,

I am a Vietnam-era veteran, an ex-law enforcement officer, and a Democrat.

I and many other Americans joined the military to fight for the freedoms of others, and their rights and privileges.

What I did not do was to fight for the right to commit treason, and that is the word of the day ... TREASON.

I am disappointed in the Democratic Party. Here my own party is trying to impeach the President of the United States on hearsay “evidence”.

I may not like Trump’s mouth, or his texts or “tweets”, but I earned that right and fought for that right.

It is my opinion that (Speaker of the House) Rep. Nancy Pelosi is probably the so-called “whistle-blower”, or one of her own party affiliates, if there is really a whistle-blower at all?? Big question!

Where is the whistle-blower? How convenient for the Democratic Party that evidently the whistle-blower only had hearsay evidence.

Isn’t it odd that the whistle-blower hasn’t been produced and right at the last minute? Here we have hearsay evidence the whistle-blower hasn’t produced when evidence is needed and yet the Democratic Party is still trying to impeach the president?

My opinion is, that’s why they’re not producing this ghost, or is he/she just made-up by some intellectual thinker?

Again, the word of the day is TREASON.

I firmly believe if the Democratic Party can’t prove Trump’s guilt without hearsay evidence, that each person that is pushing impeachment should be charged and jailed for treason for trying to take over the U.S. Government.

Now, if they can prove beyond a shadow of doubt, without hearsay evidence, that President Trump did violate the law, then I agree, but unless it can be proven, all those in my Democratic Party should be charged with treason.

One more time, the word of the day is TREASON, and there should be a penalty for false accusations and charges.

I authorize this to be printed with the use of my name.

Grover C. Mullins

Bulls Gap