EIDSON — A report of a suspicious vehicle on a landowner’s property with its lights on resulted in the arrest last week of a Sneedville man on a public intoxication charge.

Hawkins Co. Sheriff’s Cpl. Eric Pease said in a report that he was dispatched about 6 a.m. on New Year’s Day to an address on Parker Road, in the Eidson community, regarding a 1997 gold-colored Mercury van.

Arriving at the location, Pease said, officers discovered — passed out in the driver’s seat —Burgess Dwayne Murrell, 38, of Byrd Creek Road, Sneedville.

When officers made contact with Murrell, they “observed a used needle sticking out of his left pants pocket”.

Murrell stepped out of the vehicle and “swayed back and forth while attempting to speak to officers”, the report states, and also “slurred out that he thought he was on Byrd Creek”.

Murrell was transported to the Hawkins Co. Jail where his initial appearance in Hawkins Co. Sessions Court was set for Jan. 6.

The van was towed from the location by Hurst Towing.