SNEEDVILLE — With all but one of its members present, the Hancock Co. Commission on Monday evening voted to contribute $100 each, once per year, from their county paychecks, to the Hope For Hancock cancer fund.

The motion by Dist. 4 Commissioner Tommy Belcher, Jr., and seconded by Dist. 7 Commissioner Randy White, was approved unanimously.

“I have been affected by cancer, and I think it (Hope For Hancock) is a great thing because it gives back to the people of Hancock County,” Belcher said. “Their tax dollars pay us, as commissioners, and I think we need to give something back and help the people in our county.”

After further discussion, the board agreed to have the $100 contributions deducted from their pay on June 30, 2020.

One commissioner, who made it clear that he is in no way opposed to the donation, suggested that the County Mayor’s office may want to check to see if the commissioners can lawfully make such a contribution as a deduction from their county paychecks.

“I’m just saying, we need to make sure that it’s legal,” he said.

“If it’s not, I’ll give them $100 out of my pocket,” another responded. “We all sometimes take life for granted and that might one day be one of us that needs help.”

Mayor Thomas Harrison was not present for the meeting but Accounting Clerk Michelle Hopkins said she would look into the question and report back to the board at its September meeting.

Hope For Hancock member Geneva Anderson said that the group spends about $1,000 per month to help local cancer patients, many of whom are undergoing chemotherapy or other treatment and are therefore unable to afford to pay their power bills and other day-to-day living expenses.

In other matters at the Aug. 12, 2019 meeting, the board:

• Tabled an agenda item involving a report on Hancock Co. Schools because Director of Schools Tony Seal was not present at the meeting;

• Discussed and approved a report from the Hancock Co. Health Department;

• Discussed and approved a paperwork formality required to maintain the county’s eligibility to participate in the state’s Three Star Program;

• Discussed and approved fiscal year-end reports as submitted by various county officials and presented by County Clerk Jessie Royston.

Presiding over the meeting was Dist. 3 Commissioner Bobby D. Johnson.

The Commission’s next meeting will be Monday, Sept. 9 at 7 p.m. in the upstairs Courtroom of the Hancock Co. Courthouse.