Dear Tommy,

In was pleased to see the large number of citizens at the Hawkins Co. Commission meeting on Jan. 27, 2020.

The issue of gun control brought out a large crowd, but every issue should bring out a large crowd.

We, as Commissioners, need to hear your concerns about every issue and problem. I urge every citizen to learn about the issues and to decide what is best for the county. We need you to be at every meeting. Please educate yourselves about the issues.

Last summer, we were close to a balanced budget but when we saw the need to support our volunteer fire departments to buy more equipment and training, we supported them.

Since then, several other issues have come up.

First, the water purification system at Clinch School has stopped working from time to time.

Second, the communications system for the EMS, Sheriff’s Office, and Volunteer Fire Departments has gone off-line on three recent occasions.

Finally, the question still remains: can the EMS continue without further assistance from the county?

It seems that all solutions require more money.

Help us solve these problems. Talk with your commissioners and attend our meetings.

I am proud to represent the Sixth District but I realize that I really represent ALL citizens of Hawkins County.

Your Commissioner,

Larry Clonce