SNEEDVILLE — At the Sept. 9, 2019 meeting of the Hancock Co. Commission, Mayor Thomas Harrison reported that the last payment has been made on the new Allied Dispatch Call Center.

“The only thing we’re still working on is paving,” he said. “We have applied for a grant, and they’ve asked us for a lot of information. We had to have a title opinion on the property. I told them that we already spent all of that money on the building and that they didn’t have a problem with it. We bought the property 25 years ago, so its taken some work to get that done. We hope to get it paved before the paving crews shut down for the winter.”

A recent malfunction in a component of the building’s heating/cooling system resulted in some damage to ceiling tiles and water on carpeting.

Harrison said the problem, in a nutshell, wasn’t in the HVAC unit itself, but that a thermostat wasn’t “communicating” properly with others in the system and caused condensation on trunk lines.

“They had to work on the computerized ‘gate valve’ that controls different zones in the building, cleaned the carpets, replaced some ceiling tiles, touched up everything and its working fine now,” he said.

Harrison reported that employment at the call center will be up to 50 persons by Oct. 9.

The center is still taking applications for employment, he added.

“They are open Tuesday through Saturday from 1:30 until 10 p.m., and persons can bring applications there or to the County Mayor’s office,” Harrison said.

Depending on how things progress, he said, a second shift could be added, as well as opening up slots for part-time employment.

The company answers emergency calls, around the clock from its various facilities, for roadside assistance from all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Canada.

In other matters Monday evening the board:

• Discussed and approved surety bonds for constables.

Mayor Harrison said the bonds basically cover “errors and omissions” or mistakes made in carrying out the duties of their jobs.

“Anything other than criminal,” he said. “If found innocent, you are covered (under the bond), if found guilty, its all on you.”

• Approved a report — which was delayed from the board’s July meeting — submitted by Director of Schools.

• Discussed and approved the monthly report from Sheriff Brad Brewer.

Brewer said that his department, during the month of August, collected $25,925.84. Of that amount, $17,620 was a refund for insurance premiums paid under a former policy.

Accounting Clerk Michelle Hopkins explained that the county has been working to get its insurance coverage moved under a blanket policy, and that the premium for the Sheriff’s Office had been paid under the old policy prior to the move, which was the reason for the refund.

Brewer asked, and the Commission approved, restoring that amount to his line-item budget for insurance purposes.

In other matters, Brewer reported that an online auction of 14 vehicles, conducted on the website, had ended the night before.

“Three of those were old patrol cars,” he said, adding that he would have a sales total for the board at its next meeting.

Brewer also said that he had received a donation for use in buying a bullet-proof vest for the department’s K-9 dog, but that before he could purchase it, someone else stepped up to the plate and ordered and paid for a vest.

“We’re in the process of getting another dog so we can use that donation for a vest for the new K-9,” he said.

• Discussed and approved various routine budget amendments.