ROGERSVILLE — What started as a one-week revival in Greenville last year exploded into what was called the Greeneville Tent Awakening which lasted 30 straight weeks with 1,000 people coming to Christ.

As a result, part of those supporting the Greeneville Awakening have teamed with evangelist D.R. Harrison to travel to other counties holding Friday night Awakening Rallies. Recently, on Feb 15 and again on March 8, Rallies were held in Rogersville with explosive results leading many that attended to ask if it was possible to do a tent revival in Hawkins County in 2019.

The first Rally was done at Faith Assembly Church. Rev. Billy Courtney stated, “we had 31 churches represented and 42 people accepted Christ. We invited D.R. Harrison back a week later to begin a week long revival with that many more people making decisions. We don’t want our hands on this. If this is the beginning of a move of God, any church that wants to participate or host a Rally is invited to do so. Everyone that participates will benefit.”

On March 8, the revival team did a second rally at Rogersville Methodist Church with a “filled to capacity” sanctuary, representing many local churches and 15 people making decisions. At that rally, people again began asking what would be required to host a tent revival this summer?

A third Rally is planned for this Friday, March 15, at Faith Assembly in Rogersville where more plans will be announced about future meetings.

Voice of Hope Ministry said just before presstime that if churches want to see revival and this type of Awakening under a tent in Hawkins County, a planned, county-wide Awakening Rally will be planned within the next few weeks. At this larger rally where all churches will be invited, plans will be released to explain what would be required to find a piece of property for a tent revival and when that could begin, possibly by mid-summer.

Brian Lester is the organizing coordinator for Voice of Hope Ministry and explained that what happened in Hawkins County so far has been even greater than the beginning in Greene County last year.

Nick Bailey, pastor of United Methodist Church in Greeneville, said Saturday he was praying and God told him that the Greeneville Awakening was just a preview of what God would like to do in Hawkins County.