You would think it would be the time for national honor and unity.

So much for that.

The national 4th of July celebration in Washington is always a sight to behold. It is the epitome of American celebrations, complete with flags and fireworks, parades and displays of patriotism – all surrounded by our founding freedom documents that are there, living and breathing, within the halls of our national archives.

For me, the celebration has long brought a huge swell of national pride and a welling up of love for my country that is beyond compare.

But this year, the celebration was tainted by the ridiculous, deep-seated, hate-filled divide in this country that refuses to allow the flying of the flag without a fight.

The hate is prevalent on both sides, but the blame for the Great Independence Day Divide sits squarely on the backs of those who are so filled with Trump-hate that they can’t even eat barbeque without choking on the sauce. It seems that the left-wingers were appalled that we would display military equipment and hail the strength and power of the United States during the celebration of our independence. How dare the president think it would be appropriate to have tanks and planes in the July 4th parade in our nation’s capital, of all things?


According to history books – you know, the ones we studied BEFORE they started rewriting them to reflect ‘politically correct’ versions of our past – the reason we are able to celebrate July 4th is BECAUSE of the actions of our military. When the colonists rose up against Great Britain, the King did not just roll over in his royal bed, raise his scepter, and declare that the colonies were no longer under his rule. He did not just decree that there could now be a United States of America, independent of his royal authority, that there could now be a free USA, with the freedom to worship and live as we chose.

History shows that it took MILITARY action to make it happen – military action comprised of citizen soldiers who took up every available arm to win our freedom, to defeat those who would keep us from being free. If ANYTHING should be honored and hailed during the celebration of our Independence Day, it should be the military that not only made us free but has kept us that way for 243 years.

Selective memory allows the Trump haters to express utter outrage at the very thought of such a celebration of the U.S. military. But how quickly they forget.

They forgot that tanks rolled down Pennsylvania Avenue in 1949 during Harry Truman’s inauguration, and in 1953 when Dwight Eisenhower was inaugurated. Eisenhower repeated the military references in his second inaugural parade in 1957. Democratic president John F. Kennedy also displayed military tanks and equipment during his parade in 1961.

They were also outraged that Trump would dare to speak during the celebration. To do so, they claimed, would be to politicize the celebration that should be a non-partisan time to join together as a nation.

The problem was, they claimed Trump’s decision to make his Independence Day speech as utterly partisan and divisive, all the while their own presidential candidates were marching through streets in Iowa during 4th of July parades, and spending the day preaching their own left-wing socialist agendas to the masses in their quest for votes.

As a conservative voter who is not, by any means, a Trump fan, I do not always stand on the side of the president in his demeanor, his character, and his often-thin-skinned retorts on Twitter.

However, even those who do not necessarily approve of all things Trump can see the decidedly hate-filled bias that slams anything and everything that the president does or says.

Those on both sides should be able to see that this partisan crap-throwing is beneath the dignity of anyone who dares to want to lead this country.

The crap-throwing was even aimed this week at Betsy Ross.

Or rather, the flag she sewed together to represent this country.

Apparently, our friend Colin Kaepernick took issue when Nike® placed a Betsy Ross-era flag on the back of their shoes, claiming that the flag represents an era of racism that we should not honor or remember.

Again, selective memory.

Betsy Ross was an abolitionist. The flag represented the thirteen colonies that were part of the original formation of this country – a country whose freedoms and prosperity have allowed Mr. Kaepernick to earn millions playing a game and rising to the top in fame and fortune. He forgot that his rise to fame and fortune came about because of the great nation where he was allowed to dream his dreams and move above his circumstances. Seems to me that anyone who has reached the pinnacle as he has should look back and be grateful for the opportunities afforded him by the nation he hates so much – the nation that, by the way, gave him the freedom to express his opinions, even when they make no sense and are so filled with ingratitude and hate.

Selective memory also forgets that President Barack Obama flew those same flags during his own second inaugural celebration.

Mr. Kaepernick, if you want to go to another country where you believe the national anthem and flag are more conducive to freedom in your eyes, the door is wide open!

As for those who believe that our 4th of July celebration was somehow tainted by the presence of the President and the equipment used by our honorable military, they should spend a little time reexamining their memories and their history books.