Nancy Pelosi is, to put it mildly, a pathetic joke.

The Speaker ‘In Name Only’ of the U.S. House of Representatives appears to be loosing her grip on reality and is far more interested in partisan demagoguery than in working with Congress for the best interest of We, The People.

In her world, the ‘party’ takes precedence over the ‘people’, and her shameful, embarrassing, childish behavior at the recent State of The Union speech proves my view beyond any doubt.

Pelosi there revealed herself to be not only a certifiable joke as a Federal lawMAKER, but quite accomplished at being a Federal lawBREAKER.

As President Trump was finishing his home-run of a “Great American Comeback” address, in which he quoted factual statistic after statistic that show America is doing better than it has in our lifetimes, Pelosi, in a childish act of brattiness, stood behind Trump as he ended the address and tore up the copy of the SOTU speech that the president had given her.

That might be expected of a spoiled four-year old but not the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.

You know, under Republican Speakers over the years, I don’t recall one of them showing such disrespect to a Democratic President during a SOTU address.

Princess Pelosi sat there the entire time fidgeting like a teenager forced to watch a Lawrence Welk re-run, stacking and shuffling papers like crazy, and making some of the rudest facial expressions of outright disgust I have ever seen. I actually wondered if she had remembered to use her denture adhesive that morning, but that’s fodder for a anuther’ column!

It was frankly beneath the dignity of the office Pelosi holds, not to mention “spitting in the face” of:

• The 100-year old WWII Tuskegee Airman whom Trump had just elevated to the rank of Brigadier General;

• A decorated Army veteran of the Middle East who came home and surprised his emotionally overwhelmed and overjoyed wife and children who were in the gallery for the SOTU event;

• The weeping brother of a man murdered by an illegal alien who would have still been in custody had not left-wing liberal loser Sanctuary City idiots refused to honor an ICE request to detain him;

• An African-American teenager (the great-grandson of the Tuskegee Airman!) who aspires to become the first U.S. astronaut on Mars;

• An African-American fourth-grader whom Trump surprised with an Opportunity Zone Scholarship to get her out of a failing, drug- and gang-infested inner-city school;

• Cancer-stricken radio talk-show pioneer Rush Limbaugh, upon whom Trump, with the help of First Lady Melania, bestowed the Presidential Medal of Freedom;

• A precious little two-year old who was born at 21 weeks and survived;

• And the still-grieving family of Kayla Mueller, a young Christian missionary who was kidnapped, enslaved, raped, beaten, and brutally murdered by ISIS thug al Baghdadi, a spineless, radical, Islamic bucket of vomit who cowardly ended his own life last year, running and screaming like a trapped sewer rat, as heroic U.S. Special Ops’ forces closed in on him.

In ripping up the copy of his speech, Pelosi not only dishonored and disrespected those people, but clearly showed that she is so delusional and suffering from “Trump Derangement Syndrome” that she is no longer capable of holding that office and should be removed, ASAP, either by impeachment or at the ballot box.

This woman is so incredibly ignorant of the Constitution, or frankly doesn’t give a rat’s derriere about it, that she had no problem tearing up the document — a CONSTITUTIONALLY REQUIRED PIECE OF PAPER — which should have been handed over to record-keepers in the House to be placed in the official files.

That, my friends — unlike the odoriferous pile of politically-contrived BULL-Schiff of an impeachment farce against Trump — IS very much a prosecutable Federal offense.

Her Speakership-in-Name-Only needs to retire and go home before she further tarnishes whatever shred is left of her Congressional legacy and embarrasses We, The People, even more.

My grandmother would have called her actions on live TV a ‘conniption hissy fit’, and just goes to prove how vicious and spiteful under her leadership (or, more accurately, the lack of same) the Democratic Party of 2020 has become.

After the SOTU event, Pelosi was quoted as saying:

“He (Trump) shredded the truth with his speech, he’s shredding the constitution with his conduct and I shredded his state of mind address,” she said.

Shredding the CONSTITUTION? Excuse me???

Isn’t that precisely what the Schiff-Schumer Sham Scam did, with those two bogus, UN-Constitutional and totally fabricated impeachment charges?

If her actions last Tuesday in front of the American people didn’t put the final sauce on the crow sandwiches that Democrats are choking down after Trump’s acquittal on Wednesday, Pelosi’s statement on Thursday surely did.

Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-Florida), a member of the House Judiciary Committee, announced that ethics charges will be filed against Pelosi.

Good move. Pelosi, her accomplices and co-conspirators should be held accountable to Congress and to We, the People.

Remember the interviews where she so “solemnly” promised that the impeachment was necessary because Trump was such an “immediate threat” to America, yet then, after the impeachment vote, delayed delivering those documents to the Senate for more than three weeks?

If Trump were such a monumental threat, don’t you think those documents should have been handed over to the Senate IMMEDIATELY?

And how she, on several occasions, said that she was a person of faith and “prayed daily” for the President?

As I recall, the Bible teaches that it is hypocritical to, on one hand, profess to “pray” for someone and then to spend every waking hour lying about and trying to destroy them.

Those phony as a $3-dollar-bill sentiments of faith and fairness were just more bold-face lies and stench from the “DC Swamp” septic tank that that gang of losers have committed themselves to defending.

Personally, I have voted for Democrats in the past, so don’t label me as “anti-Democrat”, OK?

Above all, I am a PRO-CONSERVATIVE, ANTI-LIBERAL, and I call it like I see it, no matter what party it involves, and what I see today is a Democratic Party that is polar opposite of the Democratic Party of JFK, and more recently, of Bill Clinton.

Slick Willie may have been a lying piece of garbage, but at least he DID make an effort to work with Republicans in Congress, and each of the four times that GOP Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich introduced him at SOTU events, Newt always used the correct and accepted protocol: “Members of Congress, I have the high privilege and distinct honor of presenting to you the President of the United States”.

In 1976, the first year that I was old enough to vote, I voted for Jimmy Carter, a DEMOCRAT, because I had read his book entitled, “Why Not the Best?”, and thought he made sense and — as a successful farmer and former commander of a U.S. Navy nuclear ship — was qualified for the job. And, to tell the truth, I just flat-out liked that ol’ slow-talkin’ Southern Boy from Plains, Georgia, even if he did have a weird-as-heck redneck brother!

Later, I regretted my vote after the fiasco with the Iran hostage crisis and after Carter supported giving up our control of the American built-and-paid for Panama Canal Zone.

But I never hated Carter. I just disagreed with his policies and, one evening a few years after he had left office, I had an opportunity to meet him, have dinner with him, and talked openly and bluntly about those things and more.

What I found was that, in spite of our differences, and the fact that at that time I was far more of a Ronald Reagan conservative, he is a good, decent, likable man at heart. We shared a few laughs, too, mostly jokes that he told about himself during his years in the White House, and all in all, it was an unforgettable evening.

Carter made mistakes, many mistakes but, unlike Pelosi, he never, ever, deliberately committed petty, petulant acts of childish stupidity to embarrass the nation.

Too bad Nancy can’t say the same.

I also voted for — every time he ran for that office — my good friend, former Alabama Congressman Artur Davis, an African-American and one of the most conservative, pro-life, pro-Constitution, pro-fiscal responsibility Democrats I have ever met.

We, The People, have lost something here, my friends, and I fear that unless We, The People, speak up, step up, and show up on Nov. 3 at the polls and vote for CONSERVATIVES of faith, common-sense, and decency, who support the rule of LAW and doing the right thing for AMERICA, we’re gonna lose even more. Our nation is in serious jeopardy of becoming a communistic, socialistic cesspool along the lines of Cuba and Venezuela.

After three years of non-stop efforts to “nail” the President, Donald Trump is today — after being acquitted (read that: NOT GUILTY) of both flim-flam Articles of Impeachment — stronger than ever.

Indeed, America is, thankfully, stronger than it has been in my lifetime, and not only has the Democrat-led House’s effort to remove a legitimately elected president gone down in utter failure, it has fired up conservatives as I have not seen in many years, and is catapulting Trump full-steam-ahead to a landslide re-election victory of historic proportions.

As fed up as people are, including a number of Democrats I have spoken with, the GOP may even re-take control of the House of Representatives.

Americans are sick of this convoluted mess and of the fruitcakes who claim to be working for us but who really are in it just to feather their own political fortunes.

We’re doing great, thank you very much, “Princess Nancy”, and we have a great President to thank for it.

And, for the record, taking a close look at the PROMISES MADE and PROMISES KEPT record of Trump’s 1,112 days in office (as I write this), compared to Pelosi’s 16,060 days in office, someone please tell me, in detail, what exactly has she actually accomplished in those 44 years, except to play petty politics and feed off the taxpayers?

I’d say Trump’s accomplishments have probably topped hers by 1,000 to one.

Just sayin’.

That’s my view.

What say you?