Two prominent black conservatives, James Golden and Autry Pruitt have come together to launch a new web-destination: MAGA.BLACK.

The site, MAGA.BLACK promotes conservative values and specifically focuses on the African-American community.

The founders have long advocated on behalf of the conservative values.

Golden, better known by the pseudonym “Bo Snerdley,” is a senior producer with the Rush Limbaugh program for three decades.

Pruitt is an intellect, author, entrepreneur, and among President Trump’s first African-American supporters.

Simply put, both men state that they are, “fed up with the racial narratives that the left uses to paint conservatives as bigots and racists, simply because we have a different view of public policy and politics.”

Golden argues that the Republican Party’s historical ties with black Americans is inarguable; but for the last 50 years has been purposefully ignored by academia and the main-stream media. The result is that entire generations of Americans have been subjected to a false narrative about who Republicans are, their role in the civil rights movement, and their interest in seeing all Americans, including blacks, achieving the American Dream.

On Black Friday, Golden and Pruitt said they are offering blacks and all Americans a better deal ... self empowerment. And as the most pragmatic path to individual empowerment Pruitt points to MAGA.BLACK’s slogan, “Make Black Americans Republican Again”.

The organization’s unveiling rides the heels of two recently released polls conducted by Rasmussen and Emerson which places Trump’s support among blacks at an astonishing 34 percent.

Golden and Pruitt say they are optimistic about recent trends among black Americans and are anxious to spread the conservative message to communities ignored by skeptical politicians.