Dear Tommy,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their thoughts and consideration in helping me and my family during our time of desperation.

Floodwaters overcame our house basement a while back. I had two acres of water in my yard at a depth of 8-½ feet deep in places, and 10” in my basement. My neighbors — who know who they are — stepped up and really helped clear out my basement to a safe place. They also manned pumps for four weeks to get the water out. They did their job without pay ... they just jumped in and did it, and still would today.

Other folks in the county walked up, came by, and gave me financial help beyond belief. It was an expensive job but I’m recovering now. My daughter “ramrodded” the help and some money of her own. I’m so blessed and grateful for all these people. Money can’t replace being neighborly and friendship. You know who you are, and God bless you, is all I can say.

A friend forever,

Jim Caswell