House Democrats should stop trying to destroy President Trump and shift their focus to legislating, so they can help fix the major issues facing America, former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said recently on “Fox & Friends”.

She is absolutely, 100% correct.

“This entire impeachment sham is going to go away, no one is paying attention to it now,” Sanders went on to say. “Certainly, no one’s going to care about it in a couple of weeks. But they do care about what is getting done in Congress and so far the Democrats are making sure that’s very little. And I think it is time for them to quit trying to destroy the president and actually get something done.”

Also in a piece for Fox News, the network’s legal analyst Gregg Jarrett — a former defense attorney, adjunct law professor, and the author of the best-selling books, “The Russia Hoax: The Illicit Scheme to Clear Hillary Clinton and Frame Donald Trump”, and “Witch Hunt: The Story of the Greatest Mass Delusion in American History” — said that California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff’s “impeachment carnival enters a new week with a gaggle of hearsay witnesses offering endless speculation and opinion about an imaginary ‘quid pro quo” of non-corruption corruption.”

“Shifty” Schiff is an embarassment to himself, his constituents and the nation. He obviously is so infatuated with his own ego and puffed-up self-importance that he fails to see that the majority of Americans could care less about anything that he or Speaker of the House In Name Only Nancy Pelosi have to say.

I’m guessing that the Democrats and the Deep State Swamp dwellers are too earlobe-deep in their Trump-hating impeachement frenzy to realize that they are making complete idiots of themselves, not to mention committing several violations of their own along the way, but that’s just my humble opinion.

“Like the title of Herman Wouk’s 1965 comedic farce, ‘Don’t Stop the Carnival,’ President Trump may hope that the impeachment idiocy continues in perpetuity,” Jarrett went on to say in his column. “Or at least until we are well into the presidential election season next year. It will all but guarantee his continued residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.”

I predicted in an earlier column that the Deep State Swamp’s almost systemic infection with TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) will lead to a landslide re-election victory for Trump in 2020, and last week — as two more Democrats jumped into the bloated field of nearly 20 presidential hopefuls, and as Hillary Clinton reportedly salivates with sadistic glee over another possible run for the office that she still cannot get over losing to Trump — I am even more convinced that my prediction will not only come to pass but with an even bigger margin of victory for DJT than I had thought possible.

“They have no evidence and are willing to say anything to impeach President Trump,” former Arkansas Governor and GOP Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee said in a published article last week. “They have their verdict, but the Democrats have changed their reason for the phony impeachment more than a baby’s diaper — and for the same reason.”

I have much respect for the Governor. Having met him several times over the years, Dee Ann and I recently got to spend time with him in Nashville after the taping of his TV show, “Huckabee”.

Mike, too, hit the nail on the head.

Seems to me as if the Democrats have taken a page from the playbook of historical figure Judge Roy Bean, the iconic “Law West of the Pecos”, in Old West days, who was famous for the quote: “Hang ‘em first, try ‘em later”.

Trump has broken no law and committed no crime, yet the Swamp Dwellers have been after his hide since the second he was declared the winner in 2016, and, in their minds, is guilty as charged ... without one shred of evidence to convict him of anything.

Out of all of the verbal vomit we listened to in that stupid impeachment sideshow, not one shred of evidence was produced that would stand the Constitutional litmus test of Trump being found guilty of committing “high crimes and misdemeanors”.

But let’s wrap this up by putting this pile of politically-contrived B.S. in perspective, shall we?

Since taking control of the House, Democrats have accomplished nothing except to posture themselves for their own liberal, left-wing, agendas, spend every waking second thinking of new ways they can “nail” Trump, make themselves look like bratty delinquents, and in the process, squander tens of millions of our tax dollars on two totally fabricated political witch hunts ... the Mueller inquest and now this impeachment farce.

Trump, on the other hand, has methodically been about doing the work of the people, the work that he was ELECTED to do ... the work that he PROMISED to do ... and has checked off a long list of campaign promises MADE AND KEPT.

So how can we put this into terms that the average person can understand?

Well, let’s use Hancock County, Tennessee, as an example.

Just as in most rural, economically depressed communities, there are many, many needs in this ruggedly beautiful northeast Tennessee county. Not “wants” mind you, but essential “needs”. People in Hancock County struggle, and struggle hard, to make ends meet, but do the Democrats and RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) in D.C. give a rat’s toenail about the plight of people here? I think we all know the answer to that.

The amount of cash squandered by House Democrats — some $75 to $100 million so far, by conservative estimates, with no end in sight to their shameless side-show — would pay for the following in Hancock County:

• Pave with asphalt every mile of dirt and gravelled roads;

• Replace every textbook in every child’s hands in every Hancock County classroom;

• Provide new laptop computers or iPads® for every student in Hancock County schools;

• Outfit the Hancock Co. Sheriff’s Department with brand new everything — uniforms, protective vests, gear, assault rifles and other advanced weaponry, new radios, satellite cell phones, and state-of-the-art all-weather patrol vehicles;

• Provide brand-new, fully-equipped trucks, turnout gear and air packs for each of Hancock County’s Volunteer Fire Departments;

• Outfit the Hancock Co. Rescue Squad with brand-new all-terrain vehicles, boats and trailers, rappeling gear, a command bus, fleet vehicles, and whatever assorted rescue equipment they might need;

• Pay for installing public water lines to every home in Hancock County;

• Provide all new books, DVDs, computers and other material for the Hancock Co. Library;

• Provide new emergency communications towers and radio equipment for Hancock Co. 911;

• Build a brand-new, modern Courthouse and Jail, with plenty of room for all local governmental offices, courts, and other public needs;

• Provide all new ambulances, and possibly a locally-stationed helicopter med unit (with money included for pilots and support crew members) for the Hancock Co. EMS;

• Provide grants for renovating hundreds of homes that are in need of the most basic improvements ... bathrooms, kitchens, new roofs, better sources of heating, and yes, even wood floors, considering that some poor folks here still live with dirt floors in their homes; and,

Still have millions in “spare change” left over.

Now, does that tell you how much has been wasted so far on this witch hunt?

That, my friends, is the extent of the Swamp’s lack of concern for the REAL needs of REAL Americans while they continue to thumb their noses at the folks who pay their salaries, and waste even more time and money moving full speed ahead with their shameless attempt to unseat a legitimately elected president who has done more for America in the three years he has been in office than all of his predecessors of the past 30 years combined.

That’s my view and, by gosh, I stand by every word of it!