SURGOINSVILLE — The stage version of Disney’s “Frozen JR.” was presented recently by an all-star cast at Surgoinsville Middle School. The play, directed by Robin and Josh Fritts, Jeff Klepper, and Staci Knipp, is based on the book and Disney film by Jennifer Lee. Stars included: Young Anna (Chloe Fritts), Young Elsa (Bayley Jones) King Agnarr (Jordyn Winegar-Collis), Queen Iduna (Skyla Jenkins), Pabbie (Molly Wilson), Bulda (Ana Rodriguez), Middle Anna (Gracie Keene), Middle Elsa (Haley Van Bremen), Bishop (Christopher Blackshire) Housekeeper (Jacie Begley), Butler (Angel Holley) Handmaiden (Dixie Keck) Cook (Lauren Gillespie) Anna (Belle Fritts), Elsa (Lexi Hilton), Kristoff (Gabe Burns) Sven (Elisabeth Byington), Hans (Jackson Helton), Steward (Breanna Miller), Duke of Weselton (Jacob Lockhart), Olaf (Jackson Fritts), and Oaken (Kelton McAmis). The Townspeople were portrayed by Piper Johnston, Rhianna Hoffman, Morgan Hoffman, Abby Haynes, Ally Thompson, Allie Mullinex, and Isabella Byington. Oaken’s Family was portrayed by Zeplyn White, Branna Johnson, Anjela Mowell, Azarah Robers, and Lydia Helton. Stage Managers were Landon Fritts, John Burns, Malia McAmis, William Smith, and Charlie Wilson. Stage Crew were Isaac Shelton and Christina Mowell.

Special thanks were extended to Matt Hixon, {/span}Thomas Floyd, Lori Allen, Dr. Michelle Harless, Wayne Absher, HCBE Maintenance, Rodney Roberson, Dr. Kristen Davenport,Brian Fletcher, Stephen Wells, Katina Nantz, Julie McAmis, Mindy Barton,Lori Davis, Billie, Joe, and Matt, Mandi Byington Photography, Jenah Cooper, Katie Bledsoe, Rocky Top Printing, Larry and Betsy Fritts, Ronnie James and friends, and family members.