I want to say a heartfelt public THANK YOU to President Donald Trump and — if you can believe I am writing this — to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Some of the Democrat presidential candidates wasted no time in blaming the mass shooting at the Walmart in El Paso on President Trump.

In response to my clarion call for citizens to push back against anti-Americanism and cultural assassins, several of you have asked how. Some believe the battle is already lost. Some think violent resistance is the only solution. I disagree with both mindsets.

It is said that sunshine is the best medicine and the best sunshine is found during the summer. The concept of an Endless Summer was based on a 1964 Bruce Brown movie built on the idea that if someone had enough time and money would it be possible to chase summer across the world. In both th…

For a number of years, my family and I enjoyed trips to Washington, DC for the Fourth of July. We won’t be there for the Independence Day celebration this year because of other commitments, but hopefully will go later.

Dear readers, my goodness, I have missed you all! I went to work through the winter as an office manager and legal assistant to an attorney. I super enjoyed it.

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