The other night we had a terrible windstorm go through our city around 9:30 p.m. There was lots of damage all around the Kingsport/Church Hill area. We lost our electricity and cable, but within three hours everything was restored!

I have been on this earth for 83 years and I remember elections and political climates from the days of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt administration through the present day.

This holiday season, I want you to give yourself a gift that always fits, is never the wrong color, and can definitely be re-gifted – Better Mental Health.

While discussing faith, I am reminded of a lyric from an old religious song: “Let hope rise and darkness tremble.” That is a powerful and optimistic statement for those who share a strong belief in God.

My wife and I own a newspaper in Alabama, one that we started from scratch 16 years ago. The paper soon beat the britches off the competition because we focused on things that we knew local folks were interested in: local folks.

Is it possible? The 2020 presidential election is just a year away. You may not have noticed the relative peace and quiet this year, because it is never really quiet and peaceful these days.

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