While discussing faith, I am reminded of a lyric from an old religious song: “Let hope rise and darkness tremble.” That is a powerful and optimistic statement for those who share a strong belief in God.

My wife and I own a newspaper in Alabama, one that we started from scratch 16 years ago. The paper soon beat the britches off the competition because we focused on things that we knew local folks were interested in: local folks.

Is it possible? The 2020 presidential election is just a year away. You may not have noticed the relative peace and quiet this year, because it is never really quiet and peaceful these days.

Since the day President Trump was elected, Democrats have been more interested in getting rid of him by any means necessary than they have in working with him. Without evidence, prominent Democrat leaders accused President Trump of colluding with Russia to win the 2016 election. After a year…

On November 3, 1936 — Six days after I was born on October 28 — Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected to his second term as President of the United States of America and went on to be elected an unprecedented four times, dying in office just a few months into his fourth term.

The sight of Adam Schiff, a man with the sense of humor of a hookworm, trying to “parody” the words of a presidential transcript is downright sickening.

Dear readers, howdy, how are you this week? I am getting excited because I bought a little cute red car. It will be my adventure car. The first adventure that I plan to have is to visit Hancock County, Tennessee. I have been dying to do that.

With all the talk of impeachment, it is time once again to explain exactly what impeachment is and also to look at it historically. The important things to remember are that, one, impeachment does not mean removing a sitting president; two, we have never removed a president before; and three…

Some retailers insist on good customer service, while others treat it as an afterthought. A few years ago, I entered a certain supermarket, we’ll call it Chain Store 1, and during my brief visit, a sudden rain shower began. The employees practically smothered me as I started to exit, offerin…

ROGERSVILLE — Starting in this week's editions, the Rogersville Review and the Hancock Co. Eagle will begin publishing opinion page columns written by David Carroll, a longtime southern writer and broadcaster.

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