On November 3, 1936 — Six days after I was born on October 28 — Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected to his second term as President of the United States of America and went on to be elected an unprecedented four times, dying in office just a few months into his fourth term.

The sight of Adam Schiff, a man with the sense of humor of a hookworm, trying to “parody” the words of a presidential transcript is downright sickening.

Dear readers, howdy, how are you this week? I am getting excited because I bought a little cute red car. It will be my adventure car. The first adventure that I plan to have is to visit Hancock County, Tennessee. I have been dying to do that.

With all the talk of impeachment, it is time once again to explain exactly what impeachment is and also to look at it historically. The important things to remember are that, one, impeachment does not mean removing a sitting president; two, we have never removed a president before; and three…

Some retailers insist on good customer service, while others treat it as an afterthought. A few years ago, I entered a certain supermarket, we’ll call it Chain Store 1, and during my brief visit, a sudden rain shower began. The employees practically smothered me as I started to exit, offerin…

ROGERSVILLE — Starting in this week's editions, the Rogersville Review and the Hancock Co. Eagle will begin publishing opinion page columns written by David Carroll, a longtime southern writer and broadcaster.

Thank you to Eric Buchanan, Hawkins County Finance Director, and to the Hawkins County Commission for approving a TRUE balanced budget on behalf of the taxpayers of Hawkins County. A budget without use of a penny of fund balance, no property tax increase, and a proposed “rainy day” fund bala…

Labor Day is coming up on Monday ... a day when America salutes its working men and women, and when many of us will hit the roads, beaches, campgrounds and do whatever it is that we typically do to say a formal last hoo-rah to the Summer of 2019.

I want to say a heartfelt public THANK YOU to President Donald Trump and — if you can believe I am writing this — to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Some of the Democrat presidential candidates wasted no time in blaming the mass shooting at the Walmart in El Paso on President Trump.

In response to my clarion call for citizens to push back against anti-Americanism and cultural assassins, several of you have asked how. Some believe the battle is already lost. Some think violent resistance is the only solution. I disagree with both mindsets.

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