CHURCH HILL — A Church Hill woman was arrested last week and charged with child neglect and a list of alleged drug violations after those illegal substances were found to be “within reach” of her 20-month old toddler.

Church Hill Police Detective Daniel Byington said that Sarah Leanne Epperson, 25, of 202 Fox Meadows Drive, was charged with Child Neglect, Possession of Schedule I substance, Possession of Schedule II substance, Possession of Schedule III substance (two counts), Possession of Schedule IV substance (three counts), Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and Simple Possession of Marijuana.

Byington said in his report that about 11 a.m. on Friday, March 20, 2015, he and another officer responded to the address to do investigate an anonymous report that a child in the home “had not been taken care of”.

Upon arrival, officers told Epperson why they were there and were given permission to enter the residence.

“While I was in Ms. Epperson’s room speaking with her, Sgt. Chad Mosley located a white straw that had been cut and had white residue in it,” Byington stated.

A consented search of her room and the room where she kept her clothes turned up Epperson’s purse “containing a pill bottle that had her name on it with four different types of pills in it”, Byington stated, including one Suboxone pill, four and one-half Hydrocodone pills, six Oxycodone pills, and eight Alprazolam pills.

“While continuing to search the room, we located a black straw that had white residue in it,” Byington said. “In a small wooden desk, we found a small clear bag of a green leafy substance that is believed to be marijuana. There was another desk, and underneath it a Versace glass case. Inside the case were four Ecstasy pills, five Tramadol pills, and one Phentermine pill. All of the narcotic pills and small bag of green leafy substance were in the reach of the infant child. The area where the narcotics and green leafy substance was located in the lower living quarters of the house which Ms. Epperson solely occupies.”

The toddler appeared to be healthy and taken care of, Chief of Police Mark Johnson said, but after the arrest of the mother, the baby was placed in the care of a family member by Child Protective Services.