Jimmy Kimmel offered $50k by YouPorn to support Dildo mayor candidacy
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Jimmy Kimmel has been offered $50,000 by pornography website YouPorn in campaign support after he declared he wanted to be mayor of Dildo, Canada.

The talk show host spoke to residents of the small town in Newfoundland, Canada, earlier this month and said he would love to officially run for mayor of the amusingly named town, because it doesn't currently have anyone in the position.

And now, popular pornography hosting website YouPorn have announced they are willing to donate a whopping $50,000 to Jimmy's campaign in order to "make this dream become a reality".

In a letter written to the 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' star, YouPorn's vice president Charlie Hughes wrote: "We were very pleased to hear of your recent declaration of candidacy to become mayor of Dildo, Newfoundland. This town has been hidden for far too long, and it's time Canada takes its little Dildo out of the drawer and give all Dildodians the recognition they deserve.

"In support of your campaign, YouPorn is prepared to make a significant investment to help make this dream become a reality. Upon accepting our donation of $50,000, we will work hand in hand to put a little Dildo in everyone. Together, we can make Dildo an even better town than it is today."

Jimmy declared his candidacy earlier this month when he spoke to several people from the small town via video link on an episode of his talk show.

He told the townspeople, who are known as Dildodians: "I know you don't have a mayor, I would like to officially declare my candidacy to become mayor of Dildo. Now, I know it's unorthodox because I don't live there and I've never actually been there, but what do you think my chances are?"

The residents of Dildo then joked with Jimmy, and told him his chances of winning an election in the town were "slim to none".

This article originally ran on celebretainment.com.