Dear Readers,

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to disrupt our daily lives and routines, it has also created distribution problems for readers of The Rogersville Review who were accustomed to buying their papers off the counters at local vendors.

With many of those vendors now temporarily closed to walk-in traffic, this newspaper — for the near future — will offer single-copy sales at limited “walk-in” locations and through our normal outside mechanical vending boxes at locations across Hawkins County.

We are truly sorry for any inconvenience but hopefully this move will keep copies of the Review within easy access for our readers.

As always, you can get a “print” subscription that can be delivered via U.S. Mail, or purchase a full-access online subscription, by calling Brandy Trent at 423-528-0659.

Please note that while we will continue to service vending box locations, in-store “off the counter” sales locations may change suddenly and without warning through the remainder of this COVID-19 crisis.

— Tommy Campbell, Publisher