MOUNT CARMEL—The first local Church Bible Drill was held at Oak Grove Baptist Church in Mount Carmel on March 26.

The next drill will be the Associational Bible Drill on April 8 at Colonial Heights Baptist Church in Kingsport.

Leaders for the 2017 Oak Grove Teams include: Dinah Deford (Director); Amy Lambert (High School); Lorraine Chastain (Youth); Chad Mcpheron (Children); Angela Mcpheron (Children); Cherylynn Kramer (Children); Tara Smith (Children); Jamey “Drill Sergeant” Smith (Children); and Emily Hill (Forerunners).

Children’s Bible Drill helps children in Grades 4-6 increase in their knowledge of the Bible and in learning how to apply the Bible to their lives. Children’s Bible Drill is made up of three cycles of verses and key passages that rotate over a three-year period. At the end of three years in Children’s Bible Drill, children will have memorized the books of the Bible and 75 Bible verses. Children will be able to locate Bible books, verses, and 30 Key Passages.

Youth Bible Drill: The purpose of Youth Bible Drill is to lead youth to develop skills in using their Bible: locating books and verses and locating passages dealing with doctrinal and ethical concerns. It is an event for youth in grades 7 through 9. As they work together preparing for the drill, the teenagers are increasing their knowledge of the Scripture, their love for the Bible and becoming comfortable in using the Bible to find answers to problems or questions they or their friends may encounter. Another major benefit of Youth Bible Drill is that they also gain poise and confidence as they respond to the calls with speed and accuracy.

High School Bible Drill is designed to equip youth in grades 10-12 in developing useful skills and knowledge of the Bible, as well as, developing poise and self-confidence. Youth who participate in High School Bible Drill learn to find books of the Bible, locate specific scripture references, learn three different approaches to the Plan of Salvation, and scripture references to document basic beliefs and ethical convictions. Students will memorize large scripture passages and principles of what Baptists believe.

The most important goal of High School Bible Drill is for older youth to know how to use the Bible to make a difference in their lives for today and tomorrow.