Dear Readers, Hello and welcome to the Bookend. How has your week been? Mine is improving as my daughter Bethany’s health improves.

I have been giving some thought to everyday annoyances that drive everybody insane. I decided to write a column on it as a form of therapy. Maybe it will help you too. Here we go-

Why do my “undies” always have to get tangled up together in the washing machine? It takes five minutes to unwind them. This always happens when I have to be put together to a ‘T’ for some pressing event that I’m already late for. Cut it out! I’m late!

The next annoyance that I am having lately is at my favorite coffee shop. The lids are highly annoying! I love this particular brand of coffee, especially their iced coffee. But corporate for this company (I’m not going to tell what company) needs to know that the lids on the drinks NEVER stay in place and if you take one sip you are going to be drenched in coffee. I already (according to my daughter Eili) have a problem with being a messy little girl -- I’m working on it -- but these lids are not helping! I desperately need the caffeine. I think I’ll write a letter to corporate for this company and ask them to pay attention to this detail in addition to the attention I’m sure they give to their stock dividends.

Whew! Life can be a royal pain in ones posterior!

Oh! And one more thing! (I’m venting today. Can you tell?).

What am I supposed to do about picking the best Greek yogurt? There are so many confusing commercials each saying that their yogurt has the most lacto-whatever in it. I guess I will just have to try them all.

Well dear reader I feel tons better now that I have put these annoyances in writing that is until I deal with any of these things again! Then I will probably just scream. Ha!

Thank you for listening to this, and I hope it helps you with life’s everyday annoyances! Writing these columns for The Review is sure a lot of fun for me. I love it.

Until next time, have a great week, and have a literary week!