A Surprise “Kicking Cancer Party” was recently held at the Pig and Chick as a celebration of life in honor of Rev. Larry Sorah, of Athens, Tenn.

Formerly of Surgoinsville, Rev. Sorah was first diagnosed in June of 2014 with a tumor the size of a grapefruit. It had attached itself to the small intestine. He hadn’t had any symptoms to speak of. He got to feeling sick, passed out and was taken to the ER at Athens hospital and then transferred to Erlanger hospital in Chattanooga.

By the time he arrived at Erlanger he was rushed to the OR for emergency surgery. The doctor told his wife he probably wouldn’t make it and that his situation was very critical. When they started to close the doors to the OR, he said to her that it was in God’s hands.

Rev. Sorah realized the doctor was a born-again believer and the doctor said he would pray with him before surgery. He made it through surgery just fine and spent a few days in ICU. When he woke up, he was surprised and thankful to be alive.

He has been on medication for three years to treat Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors.

In May 2015, he went to a kidney specialist and was diagnosed with prostate cancer after his PSA levels went from 2.8 to 10.1. After further testing and several biopsies they found the cancer. The doctor wanted to do radiation treatments but Larry told him he wanted to think and pray about it first.

He researched Proton Therapy. I had never heard of it but there is a place in Knoxville where they do this type of treatment.

He explained that radiation is like taking a volley ball and splashing paint on it. The radiation kills the cancer cells but harms all the skin and tissue around it. Proton Therapy only hits the one spot they are aiming for.

Radiation has lots of side effects but Proton Therapy has none. It concentrates only on the area of the cancer and nothing else.

He had 39 treatments in eight weeks time.

Dr. Marcio Fagundes is Larry’s doctor and is over the Provision Center. I received a phone call from Larry’s daughter, Becky inviting me to the party. She also wanted me to bake a cake for him. I made one of my favorites ... strawberry with strawberry icing. I surprised them with some of my “cow patties”, too. I used to make them at their house when I was growing up.

I am sure some of you know that Larry is my uncle. He is my momma’s baby brother. There was representation from all of Larry’s family except two of the siblings. They are the children of the late R.S. and Hazel Burton Sorah.

Brothers Leroy (Mary) Sorah and Denny Sorah, and Carolyn Sorah Neal, the only living sister, were there. I represented my mom, Evelyn Sorah Tate.

O.B. Starnes represented his wife Katherine Sorah Starnes. Dorothy (Dot) Sorah Thurman’s family was unable to attend and Rev. Ron Sorah’s family was unable to attend.

Last but certainly not least was his wife Kay and daughter Becky Way, husband Vince and son Dakota. Uncle Larry kicked cancer right in the backside and I was thrilled to be a part of the celebration.

Uncle Larry is Pastor at Bethsaida Baptist Church in Decatur, Tenn., where Kay is the church pianist.

Larry says if anyone needs further information on Proton Therapy he would be glad to hear from you by email at larrysorah@bellsouth.net.

PUBLISHER'S NOTE: This is the first in an on-going series of human interest articles written by The Review’s long-time food contributor, Jan Lee. If you have suggestions for future articles, contact Jan by calling 423-272-7422 and leaving your name and contact information.