Hello, and welcome to late fall and the Bookend.

I have been preparing for the arrival of winter. I had my wood delivered last week. That was exciting for me. I have been heating my three-story cabin with wood and it is soooo gloriously, toasty warm. I revel in the warmth and feeling of being self-sufficient, and love watching the red and orange flames in my fireplace.

I have baked so many apple crisps this fall and I have a new recipe from Martha Stewart with pecans and real butter. I checked out a Pulitzer Prize winning book from the Tusculum College library that I can’t put down. Sigh… I LOVE FALL!!

The only thing that motivates me to leave the cabin is to drive my new sleek, sexy black convertible. It looks even sexier in the fall leaves, and beautiful men look even better to me from my beautiful black convertible. Ha! There is just one thing that I need, it is to watch the new television series Gilmore Girls!

Gilmore Girls was a huge hit when it came out in 2000. It absolutely mirrored my life almost to a T. the story line is about a mother named Lorelai who has a brilliant teenage daughter named Rory.

Lorelai came from a wealthy and educated family in Connecticut. She was expected to marry well, attend the top prep schools and colleges in the country and lead a very methodical and conventional lifestyle. Her parents lived that lifestyle and pressured Lorelai to do the same.

Instead Lorelai was a single mother (a successful one at that), who ran an inn in Connecticut. The town residents were a colorful bunch.

The show was so charming. It came out at a time in my life when I had the same exact struggles. I had won a scholarship to Hotchkiss Preparatory School, which was the prep school for Yale when I was 15. I didn’t go because my father did not believe a woman should have education: she was supposed to marry well. His side of the family, my grandmother and aunts were very disappointed all of my life that I did not attend Hotchkiss.

Also, years later, I divorced my wealthy, prominent husband, much to the high dismay and irritation of my Connecticut blueblood father. I moved to Tennessee to be near my mother’s side of the family and became a social worker.

My daughter Chelsea was a brilliant student, a very cultured well-mannered girl. We struggled with money on a social worker’s salary, but we were so happy.

We laughed constantly, and greatly enjoyed life. So imagine my delight when it was announced last month that a new Gilmore Girls will be coming back!

I can’t wait! You all have to watch it with me! The characters are great and the theme running throughout the show is that money, prestige, etc., are not what bring happiness ... that life with its ups and downs and quirks is far more satisfying.

OH! I did finally achieve some measure of intellectualism this year when I was quoted in a famous literary site entitled “Bronte Blog.” I screamed and jumped up and down. Then I slipped and fell and banged my shin. Ha! So, I was a true Connecticut intellectual for roughly ... say ... five seconds. HA! Yep, life is just exactly the way I want it to be!